Our People

Kenneth Gad – President/CEO

Kenny co-founded Cambridge Farms in 1983 after graduating from the prestigious Freeman School of Business at Tulane University. Kenny now maintains sole control of the company and through his 30 years of experience in the industry has developed a reputation of unequivocal fairness and honesty, commitment to quality, and equability that has been pivotal in the continued success of Cambridge Farms.

Contact/Sales: T: 508-297-2630 F: 508-297-2584


Jay Gad – Director of Business Development

Jay graduated from James Madison University in 2011 where he studied marketing at the renowned Showker School of Business and public relations at the Harrison School of Communication Studies. After some time in the marketing and finance world he decided to join the company his father started 30 years ago. Jay is poised and ready to develop new avenues of business for Cambridge Farms, Inc. as it begins its aggressive program to expand into all facets of the produce industry.

Contact/Sales: T: 508-297-2630 F: 508-297-2584


Gary Weil – Senior Sales & Marketing Manager

Gary leads our New York office located on Long Island. Gary brings almost 40 years of industry knowledge and know-how to our sales team. his lengthy tenure in the produce industry gives him a unique perspective that proves to be incredibly beneficial to both Cambridge Farms and our Clients. Expounding upon this, Gary is also our resident expert in the export of our product to the Caribbean Islands.

Contact/Sales: T: 631-724-4100 F: 631-724-3386


Brad Johnson – Procurement and Seed Stock Specialist

Brad leads our Maine office located in Presque Isle. Brad has been in and around the potato industry his entire life. As a lifelong resident of Maine Brad is able to oversee our seed program and order fulfillment with our growers. This is incredibly beneficial for Cambridge Farms as it allows us to have a consistent and reliable continuity of supply of all the products that our customers need. Brad also serves as an in-house quality control authority, regularly visiting our partner growers and packing facility’s to ensure Cambridge Farms continues to supply only top quality product.  Located in Presque Isle, Maine, Brad is also able to create and maintain relationships with our Canadian suppliers.

Contact/Sales: T: 207-769-2600 F: 207-512-2626


Joseph Ellis – Director Transportation and Logistics

Joe is Cambridge Farms’s most tenured employee. He has been with the company since day one. Starting out as our warehouse operator he continued to grow with the company and is currently our director of transportation and logistics. Joe has spent his entire career dedicated to a hands on approach in the produce industry and is an expert in the shipping and handling of all your produce needs.

Contact/Transportation: T: 508-297-2630 F: 508-297-2584


Cambridge Farms – Supporting Team Members

Any business is only as good as their weakest link. Fortunately, Cambridge Farms does not allow for weakness and that mentality extends into our wonderful support staff. Without their help, our sales and logistics operations would not run smoothly. We thank them, and as you work more with the people noted on this page, you will undoubtedly get to know these fantastic team members as well.

Billing/Contact/Support: 508-297-2630 F: 508-297-2586